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Temecula Valley Driving School
Now Offering
Instant Student License Program
DMV Approved Integrated Online or In-Class & Behind the Wheel Driving Course 
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Now you don't have to wait to get your permit to get behind the wheel. No more waiting for your first Behind the Wheel Lesson with an instructor after you get your permit to start driving with your parents or someone over 25 years old.

Once you meet the legal age to start the Instructional Permit process, the Instant Student License Program (ISLP) is your express lane to the driver's seat!!!

ISLP is an integrated online driver education/driver training program that combines driver training ("behind-the-wheel") with online driver education to get student drivers into a vehicle as quickly as possible. 
The "old way" makes students complete all of their required driver education and go to the DMV to get their permit before they can drive. That is now a thing of the past.

Simply register for ISLP online and get started right away. After you've completed the first segment of the driver education course, you'll contact the driving school and you can start driving with one of our Licensed Instructors. 

We have several Integrated Online & Behind the Wheel Courses available! 
Pick the one that suits your needs or we can tailor one for you.

Instant Student License Program 
Student License Eligibility

Students completing an integrated driver education/driver training program must be eligible to be issued a Student License, which will allow them to participate in the "behind-the-wheel" or "laboratory" phase (driver training) of this instructional program.

Applicants for Student Licenses must meet certain physical and mental qualifications, as determined by the driving school delivering instruction:

The DMV's screening standard calls for at least 20/40 visual acuity in both eyes combined, and at least 20/40 in one eye and at least 20/70 in the other. This score may be achieved either with or without the use of corrective lenses. Further, no license to drive may be issued to anyone (CVC §12806)…

  • who is rendered incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle because of alcoholism, excessive and chronic use of alcoholic beverages, or addiction to, or habitual use of, any drug.
  • who is addicted to the use of narcotic drugs, unless the person is participating in a narcotic treatment program.
  • who has a disorder characterized by lapses of consciousness or who has experienced, within the last three years, either a lapse of consciousness or an episode of marked confusion caused by any condition which may bring about recurrent lapses, or who has any physical or mental disability, disease, or disorder which could affect the safe operation of a motor vehicle.

Any cases in which eligibility is in doubt may be referred to the nearest Driver Safety Office of the Department of Motor Vehicles (ask your driving school for help in locating the nearest office).

Call our offices to speak to one of our friendly staff members
about this exciting new program. You can register over the phone 

at 951-587-2587 or Register Online below.
Frequently Asked Questions
Integrated Online and Behind the Wheel Packages Click the Package Below to be taken to the Registration & Payment Page Integrated 30 Hour Online Drivers Education Course with 6 Hours of Behind the Wheel Private Driving Lessons (3 two hour lessons) $300.00 - Integrated In-Class Drivers Education Course with 6 Hours of Behind the Wheel Private Driving Lessons (3 two hour lessons) $349.00
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